Reindeer Ornament Tutorial

For a fun, kid friendly craft I'd like to show you how to make reindeer ornaments using candy canes.  This can work with either plastic candy canes that you can purchase at a local dollar store or craft store, or with real candy canes. Just be aware they will not be edible once you create the ornaments because of the glue. Added note: These can also be attached to your gift packages as part of a gift or just for decoration.
To start you will need the following:
2 Candy Canes (real or plastic)
Brown Yarn
1 Red Pom Pom (for the nose)
Felt 1/2" strips or 1/2" wide Ribbon (to make the scarf/bow 
2 Eyes
Colored Pom Poms (for the ear muffs) to coordinate with the felt/ribbon
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
 Take two candy canes and line them up with the curves pointing out.
 Put some hot glue on the in between the two candy canes and hold them together until set.
 Next add a little spot of glue and attach one end of the yarn to the candy canes.
 Start wrapping yarn around making sure to overlap the tip of the yarn for added security.
 Continue wrapping until you have good coverage and fullness. Then just glue the yarn to the back of the ornament and cut the remaining yarn off that is not needed.
 Next add two dots of hot glue and attach the eyes. If you have trouble holding on to them I recommend using tweezers to help attach them. This may also eliminate accidentally touching the glue. If your like me, I do not follow my own advice and normally end up with many glue burns. No Pain No Gain RIGHT?!?!
 Attach the nose directly under the eyes with glue. Next you want to choose which pom poms will coordinate with the scarf or bow you will be adding. Attach those by adding glue to the tips of the candy canes and holding in place until set.
 Next lay felt down and sit ornament on top lining up where you would like your scarf to wrap. I add a dab of glue to the back for extra stability when wrapping towards the front.
 Take one side and wrap around at a angle and attach with glue.
 Repeat the last step with the remaining strip of felt. Then trim the strips to the desired size you would like the scarf to be.
 Take a couple inches of yarn and tie a knot at the ends to form a sturdy loop.
 Attach the knot to the back of the candy canes. This will make the hanger for your ornament.
 For an added touch, you can cut slits in the end of the felt to give it a feathered look.
 If you would like to make a bow for your ornament, just tie a bow with felt or ribbon and attach to the front at the top of the yarn. I did this for my daughters and they loved that they were girly.

 I hope you enjoy these as much as my family did. Thanks for stopping by and until next time happy crafting!!

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